• The Nest is acoustically designed from the ground up, with a natural sound
  • Mix control room with adjacent live tracking room
  • Space can be rented with or without an engineer
  • Soundproof Rooms: No noise coming in to spoil your tracking
  • In House Engineers 

Control Room: designed to allow enough ‘liveness’ and trapping to create a great sound (see testimonials.  No walls are parallel and the ceiling is not parallel to the floor.  Approximate dimensions – 4.5 metres x 3 metres.

Tracking Room: Attention has been paid to ‘liveness’ and traps. Wooden flooring allows for liveness’ Adjust the mats and corner traps to get the sound you want. Similar dimensions to control room.

Bringing your Own Engineer: A studio team member will be available to run through the layout of the studio. It has been designed to be as engineer friendly as possible

Mix Only: If you don’t intend tracking or if you just want to mix your tracks, we offer different rates for the Control Room only. This gives you the option to bring your own laptop/interface and plug in to our system.